• 03.05.2022

    hey everyone, pretty big site update today. most notably:

    my to do list keeps growing with each update so i won't get into specifics. just assume there is a lot of work to get done and there always will be.

    however, i am pleased to announce my money laundering scheme is closer than ever! i'm hoping to have it done by the end of the month but i've been working on it for a year now so we'll see if it pans out.

    i also have an archival project in the works scanning my grandfather's erotic photography! this is probably the most exciting thing happening in my life but i'll have to save that for another update to give it justice.

    i'm testing the newsletter function today but i'm also in the process of building an rss feed to push smaller updates and spare your inbox. thank you for reading this far and as always, enjoy the site!

  • 02.05.2022


    happy belated new year everyone! i'm happy to announce that this site is as close to done as it's going to get right now. i hope you enjoy using it! now, to keep things brief...



    i hope your year will be as successful as mine!

  • 02.05.2023

    hello, this is a soft-launch of my new website.

    thank you for your patience while i sort out the padding.

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